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Peppergoose evolved as a creative outlet for my love of crochet and textiles, and subsequently became therapy for my soul.  It's a nonsense name of whimsy as I started this journey simply finding joy in working with modern luxurious yarns.  Along the way I found myself striving to make modern interpretations of crochet fashion and accessories.  

Designer & Maker
Susan Walsh

I live in the hills of sunny Perth, Western Australia with my husband Damien and our little dog Bruce and cat Subi, who are all very supportive of my craft. Bruce always herds Subi into the right spot on the sofa next to me when I crochet in my studio, and Damien has built beautiful cabinetry for my stash! 

When I was a child, my grandmother taught me how to crochet, my mother taught me how to sew and knit, and my father taught me how to draw.  This means I have grown up with too many hobbies to squeeze around my day job, but they are all coming in handy now to support my crochet obsession.


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Crochet Design Awards

             Crochet Guild of America Design Competition:

2019.    Peoples Choice - Blue Willow Dress

2019.    1st in Fashion Category - Blue Willow Dress

2019.    Technical Merit - Sashiko Happy Coat

2019.    2nd in Fashion Category - Sashiko Happy Coat

2018.    Grand Prize - Spider Lace Maxi Dress

2018.    1st in Fashion Category - Spider Lace Maxi Dress

2017.     Grand Prize - Green Garden Filet Lace Cardigan

2017.    Technical Merit Award - Green Garden Filet Lace Cardigan

2015.     2nd in Fashion Category - Tunica Geometrica

2014.    Honourable Mention in Fashion Category - Claudia Sweater

2013.    3rd in Fashion Category - Alpaca Lace Cardigan


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