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Spider Lace Maxi dress

This is my biggest crochet achievement to date.  To design and crochet a full-length dress has been a long-time goal.  I  submitted this dress to the 2018 annual design competition at the Crochet Guild of America Chainlink conference and won both First in the Fashion category, and the Grand Prize.


It took me approximately 90 hours to make, and I have lost count of how many hours to write the pattern and stitch charts (which is still a work in progress). 


 I was inspired by elegant formal wear, and the contrast of a striking lace pattern with solid fabric. Dark Navy Scheepjes “Maxi” mercerized cotton allows the positive and negative spaces to shine.  I cut silk georgette fabric lining to match the crocheted dress, edged it with my serger machine and then used hand sewing to attach the bodice lining and the skirt lining in two separate pieces.  I like that it is simple yet complex, and uses additive and top-down construction techniques.  Feature crochet seams, button loops and Swarovski crystals provide glamourous finishing touches.

I designed this dress for the CGOA design competition.  I didn't know if it was possible to win the Grand Prize two years in a row, but I figured I had better "go hard or go home"!  Success!!

Crochet can produce so many different textures and fabrics.  When you combine that with the array of modern yarns and fibres, crochet really can do anything.  If it comes in string form, you can crochet with it!  I hope this gallery might inspire someone to pick up a crochet hook and learn the craft.