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Maxxed Crochet-Zen in Progress

My super chunk Namaste project develops pretty quickly and I love how squishy this yarn feels in my hands. Built in tactile rewards! It’s going to be a double-wrap cowl. The trick for me with this project is to maximise the use of the three balls and avoid wastage. A design game of yarn chicken has begun and far my calculations bode well.

I am using both ends of each individual ball (Namaste 633 Downward Dog) to make the project. Wherever the ball finishes is where the tails will be dealt with and you can see them hanging out pretty randomly in this pic. This is part of avoiding yarn wastage.

Using a big hook really changes my hooking action. I had to use my whole wrists and hands rather than just my fingers, so it’s a bonus that it’s great for hand rehab (my injury still has a ways to go). I would normally smash through this but have to take it easy so it’s a much slower pace for me. I really have to think about how my hands are moving to take care and this has really brought the mindfulness of crafting to the fore...

I swatched in a different colour Namaste (606 Dolphin) so all three balls are available for the cowl. Designing always starts with swatching for various calculations but also to see how the yarn behaves when wet blocked.

I am checking pre-blocked and post-blocked gauge as I go so you can check it as you make the project and avoid having to swatch before, and I can give a reasonable prediction of how your cowl will behave when wet blocked based on my swatch and my project.

The fabric has both open lace and chunky texture which might seem like a weird combination but I do have a purpose!! The open lace means it will be flexible to double wrap and kind of collapse onto itself, while still having the body of texture for warmth around the neck.

Here are a couple progress pics to give you an idea – the sheen from the Namaste is gorgeous for the texture!

It won’t be long now – I have one of my trusted testers lined up to help check my work and you will be able to see the finished cowl next week!

Check out Scheepjes retailers for the Namaste range, or shop via the affiliate links below – it does not cost you any extra, and it helps to support me as a designer as I receive a small percentage of the sale.

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