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The Shelley Sweater CAL

Welcome to my CAL event!  I hope you have fun with your project - we can do this together!  I have a heap of videos to help set up your first rounds and get you through the trickier bits of this design, so you will be wearing your Shelley Sweater before you know it!


The videos I have made to support the pattern PDF will be uploaded here on the same day as the next section of the pattern PDF is released as an update to buyers on Ravelry.  These videos are to supplement the pattern as a visual aid, not replace the pattern instruction.  Please read through the written instructions carefully - this is where all the necessary detail is to be found!

If you are joining us after we have started just jump on in!  Heaps of info on my pattern launch blog, the pattern can be bought on Ravelry, and for  further pattern support, join Pepper-Gaggle.

CAL schedule:


Foundation Round:

Demonstrating the foundation round stitch technique in this video and how I join in the end. I begin with reversing the starting loop on the hook (this is optional and just means you swapped ends before making your loop, with the effect that pulling on the tail - rather than the working yarn - tightens the loop for your first stitch).

Round 1:

I show the key steps of Round 1: How to join with the first PUFF, how to work each Raglan Line and final join.

Round 2:

I demonstrate the key steps of Round 2: How to change to Yarn A, spike stitches at Raglan Lines and the stitches worked either side.

Round 3:

Demonstration of key steps of Round 3: How to change to Yarn B, how to work across each Raglan Line and final join.

Round 4:

I show how the float Yarn A up the WS of work when changing from Yarn B to A - note direction to turn work is different from the previous round when changing from Yarn A to B - and how we now work the Raglan Lines with post stitches.

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