Peppergoose evolved as a creative outlet for my love of crochet and textiles, and subsequently became therapy for my soul.  It's a nonsense name of whimsy as I started this journey simply finding joy in working with modern luxurious yarns.  Along the way I found myself striving to make modern interpretations of crochet fashion and accessories.  

Susan Walsh

             Crochet Guild of America Design Awards:

2019.    Peoples Choice - Blue Willow Dress

2019.    1st in Fashion Category - Blue Willow Dress

2019.    Technical Merit - Sashiko Happy Coat

2019.    2nd in Fashion Category - Sashiko Happy Coat

2018.    Grand Prize - Spider Lace Maxi Dress

2018.    1st in Fashion Category - Spider Lace Maxi Dress

2017.     Grand Prize - Green Garden Filet Lace Cardigan

2017.    Technical Merit Award - Green Garden Filet Lace Cardigan

2015.     2nd in Fashion Category - Tunica Geometrica

2014.    Honourable Mention in Fashion Category - Claudia Sweater

2013.    3rd in Fashion Category - Alpaca Lace Cardigan

I design crocheted garments and accessories from my home in the hills of Perth, Western Australia where I live with my husband Damien and our pets Bruce, Subi and Pax.


Crochet design has become a bit of an obsession particularly crochet fashion! I am inspired by macro details and methods of garment construction.  Snippets of things I see every day might pop into my head as a design element, then I marry that design element or feature detail with a method of construction by thinking it through in my head as a puzzle to solve.  I like additive construction methods and they are often not conventional.  

 I sell self-published patterns in my Ravelry Store & Etsy Store, and am a regular contributor to both Simply Crochet Magazine and Scheepjes pattern publications.  I collaborate with Scheepjes as a Scheepjes Blogger since 2019 and I am fortunate they lend yarn support to my design process.

On my blog here on this website I share information about my patterns and crochet techniques in general.  I needed to create a resource for makers tackling my patterns.  I hope to encourage people to come along on my crochet journey where I sometimes use unusual construction methods by providing a bit of extra help. 


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