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October 26th 2023

A Day with Shelley & Susannah

Bookings opened September 14th and there are only a handful of spots left.  Join Shelley Husband and I for a day of crochet fun and learning at the Portland Library in Bentinck Street Portland (Victoria)! 


Read all the details of our day and find the booking link on this blog.

Previous Workshops & Events

9th Sept 2023 

Lunch & Learn Workshop Hosted by Crochet Escapes

Thank you to Carolynne Cannon of Crochet Escapes for hosting me for a full day work shop with such a fun and positive group of ladies!

We enjoyed lots of laughter, great food and everybody learned some new skills and tips to improve their crochet no matter what their project. 


We covered why gauge is so important for sized garment patterns and how to swatch, block and measure gauge, tips for how to read stitch charts and pattern instructions too!

"Was a great day - redid my swatch when I got home with all the new knowledge I had learned and was spot on gauge the first time."

- Denise

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