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Brigitte Lace Tee Pattern Launch!

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

My new pattern “Brigitte Lace Tee” has been uploaded to Ravelry and Etsy today! In this post I share my samples and the gorgeous work of some of my testers to give you a bit of an overview.

I have been working on this one behind the scenes for a while so it would be ready to go at the end of my Beach Daze MAL. That “finished object high” can be quickly followed by wondering what’s next, right!? Well, maybe this will suit – particularly if are a fan of Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush and don’t mind a small hook.

Let me introduce …Brigitte!!

The crochet stitches used are regular basic stitches, and the challenge is to work firm stitches for the lace section and controlling stitch gauge in the bodice for the two sections to work well together. I wrote Stitch Anatomy 3 to address this specific problem that’s easy to have with taller post stitches, so it’s useful to check that out.

Brigitte is a breezy kind of glam design (look at all those holes!) that features side-ways construction of fairly fitted lace sleeves and upper bodice, and top-down construction of the solid fabric lower bodice which includes some shaping. Given the lower bodice is top-down construction (and in the round), adjusting for length is easy-peasy!!

I love playing with new methods of construction and this one is pretty adaptable. The shape of the upper arm can vary a lot between individuals so I have included notes in the pattern to help shape the sleeve to your measurements (if this is required) as well as photos of pre-blocked sleeves to demonstrate how it should look/feel on the upper arm during construction for a good fit.

Sizes & Measurements:

Please note that your upper arm measurement and bust measurement may not fall in the same size category (our bodies don't often all fit into one size category). If this applies to you, order the yarn for the larger of the two sizes and the pattern includes advice on which size instructions to follow and how to modify them and my advice finishes with an example to demonstrate how you can fit both your upper arm and bust.



Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush (100% mercerized cotton, 50g/280m) x 4 (4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9) balls (includes allowance for 2 swatches at approx. 11g/swatch)

Maxi comes in like a gazillion luscious colours so there is plenty of choice!

You can source Maxi from Scheepjes retailers all over the world, though shopping via these affiliate links does not cost you any extra, and it helps to support me as a designer as I receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for your consideration.

Wool Warehouse (in the UK)

Caros Atelier (in the Netherlands)

I haven’t tested other yarns as I think MAXI mercerised cotton is PERFECT for firm lace stitching, stitch definition, durability and rich lustrous colour for his tee to make a striking impact. It feels stiff as you work it but softens beautifully with a good soak when wet-blocked and then stretched into submission for final shaping during steam blocking. Check out my Crochet Tutorial #5 Blocking if you aren’t sure how to do that.

Maxi Sugar Rush in Scarlet 192

Check out the sleeve as worked (top), after wet blocking (above left), and then after the final steam (above right)!


2.2mm (or a 2.25mm) crochet hook depending on which hook brand is available to you and their sizes.

The pattern will describe a 2.2mm throughout, but I kind of consider these the same size hook – I used a Tulip Etimo 2.2mm, but some hook brands will only offer a 2.25mm. There is not a significant difference in my opinion and some people will need a 2mm to achieve gauge anyway, so whatever works here.

Other Materials

4-5 stitch markers are super useful – I have HEAPS of these in my toolkit.

Why Brigitte?

My original name for this tee was “Girl’s Night Out” as I really had that vibe in my head when I came up with this design imagining black lace tee, black pants, heels, glam earrings and a splash of lippy. Ravelry already had a few things called that though so I had to come up with another name. The lace contains many chains that bridge the gap between tall post sts, so my literal brain came up with “bridge it” …. I think you see where I am going here (laughing face emoji). Just imagine it with a French accent (I think there is some element of French style here, but maybe that’s just me) and… Brigitte Lace was born!

Some Tester Garments...

Mariana Muller made an XL Brigitte with a sleeve shaping modification in a glorious pink called Tyrian Purple (128). I like to wear my tops with a bra of the same colour and don’t mind the straps. I figure it all contributes to the effect, but then I saw Mariana’s photos and she looks amazing in her strapless number! In fact, all my testers chose strapless underwear and they all look gorgeous!!

Naomi Boxall tested a Small-Medium composite of Brigitte to suit her combination of upper arm and bust circumferences in Saffron 249, and her finished photos are super-fun, taken on a Perth Summer eve once her bubs were in bed. She always makes me laugh, and her photos totally channel the intended vibe for her night in. Cheers Naomi!

Lisa Marlow has a racy red vibe going on like my second top, and when the UK weather warms up, she is ready to roll. Lisa made a size Small in Cherry 413 which suits her so well! Lisa is very quick and was the first one to raise a query about the special join I use at the back to close each of the top-down rounds, which led me to include some detail photos with arrows so you can really see where to insert the hook.

Then Annemie Celens hooked a beautiful Brigitte for herself in Dark Teal 401 and is finally getting to enjoy some sunshine at the end of winter in Belgium. Her tee is a size Large. She started out making an XL, but the lace hung a bit low across the front bust, the sleeves were a little loose so she started again with a Large and this size fits her perfectly as you can admire in her fun action pic below where she takes multitasking to new heights! If you are between sizes, err on the smaller size or smaller amount of ease.

I know some people will be happy to show off more skin at the upper bodice and others will prefer a little less built-in air conditioning, so I also included notes how to modify the lace section of the upper bodice, so the solid fabric starts a bit higher while still having sufficient depth for the upper arm area. Always thinking..

Now, I think pink always looks great. Like, ALWAYS! Sally Cripwell made an XL Brigitte in Garden Rose 251 and I really love her tucked in styling and again a strapless bra. I think she looks both sexy and elegant. The pink pops against her black skirt and it really reminds me I need more of this colour in my projects!

So, the last thing to talk about is the pattern document…

The Pattern

is a 13-page PDF available in English – both UK and US terms – and is available as a paid ad-free download from my Ravelry and Etsy Peppergoose Design Pattern Stores. A Dutch translation is in the works but is a couple of months away as I am keeping my translator Dieuwke Visser busy with some other (still secret) stuff.

The pattern contains written instructions, a schematic, a stitch chart for the lace, WIP and finished photos, links to support blogs here on my website and the notes I mentioned here about where to tweak things to achieve your individual best fit. Of course, every garment starts with swatch, swatch, swatch! (I included yarn for 2 swatches of approx. 11g each in the yardage calculations).

Don’t forget, Scheepjes retailers can be found here, or you might prefer to shop via these affiliate links * below.

Wool Warehouse (in the UK)

Caros Atelier (in the Netherlands)

...and Perthites can source their yarn from my local Scheepjes Retailers

Leanne at Yarns For All

& Anna and Mike at Stitchcraft & Wizardry

That’s it for now - I hope you love Brigitte, and I will leave you to ponder your colour choices. Tag me to show me your projects - I always love to see them! I am still amazed that something I dream up in my head gets made by people all over the planet! #itsagoodfeeling #brigittelacetee

Happy stitching,

Susan (Peppergoose)

Thank you to Scheepjes for yarn support for my designs!

* This post contains affiliate links – it doesn’t cost you any extra to purchase via these links and I receive a small percentage of the sale that helps to support my design work. Thank you for your consideration :)

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Susan Richards
Susan Richards
31 mar 2021

These are all so beautiful. Love all the colors you and your testers did. Such great jobs by all. Love the lace. Very pretty.

Me gusta
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