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Crochet Garment Lessons

Crocheting and designing garments has taught me many lessons over the years – about the crochet craft, about garment construction, fibre characteristics of course ...and even about myself. Crochet is the gift that keep giving!

I've been “fashioning crochet since 2012” (haha - this may just be my new tag line) and now I feel ready to share some of these crochet lessons with others. I enjoy teaching and witnessing the empowerment that comes with shared knowledge or practised skill.

So…. Hello crochet workshops about garment making!

I have developed two classes for crochet wearables and am super excited to offer these workshops at Skein Sisters in Sydney next month!

First up...

the One Sleeve Poncho is the basis of my Beginner Garment workshop. The emphasis is on practising all the skills to make the poncho by making a mini poncho from your swatch after understanding how to check and interpret gauge, which size to choose for this project.

The construction method of the poncho allows for things to go a bit squiffy but still end up with a garment you can use, so it’s a great first garment to make! We also discuss the finer points of turning chain, maintaining stitch count when working in rows and the basics of pattern reading (including stitch charts – they are easier than you think).

Students work with an 8ply/DK weight yarn - something ideally that is close to 2m/g - with 6 & 5mm hooks. There is some homework to do the week before class, we crochet in class and have some group discussion, and the One Sleeve Poncho pattern is included with the workshop.

And second....

The Rabbit Alice Sweater is the basis of my Getting Into Garments workshop. This class is intended for makers who have made maybe a couple of sized garments and feel comfortable with reading patterns but have been frustrated by fit issues or just want to accelerate their learning to master future wearables.

The emphasis is how to approach interpreting a pattern and planning your approach for an optimised fit. We take a deep dive into sizing, schematics, body measurements, grading, swatching, gauge, fibre choice, garment construction methods and custom fit adjustments…. Heaps of insights I have learned over years of designing garments!

Students work with a fingering weight/4ply yarn - something close to 4m/g – with 3.5 and 4mm hooks for their homework before class. We don’t do much crochet in class – it’s part lecture, part group activities, along with calculations and group discussions to analyse your swatching homework and apply the learned principles to the Rabbit Alice Sweater you make after class (and all your future wearables!)

My Rabbit Alice Sweater pattern is included with the workshop, and here are some pics below where you can see it's been made 3 different ways in 3 different yarns.

a woman wearing a white crocheted top

A woman wearing a blue crocheted sweater

A woman wearing a two tone grey crocheted sweater

A few words from some of previous workshop students....

About the "Getting Into Garments" workshop:

“A revolutionary class. Mind blowing! You just saved me $250 on the yarn I was going to buy for this project that would have been a mistake. And not only on this project. You saved me that on every future garment project!”

About the "One Sleeve Poncho Beginner Garment workshop":

“So inspirational, I feel much more confident and can’t wait to make my poncho!”

“A great day – redid my swatch when I got home with all the new knowledge and was spot on gauge the first time!...

Below are the deets for my upcoming classes in Sydney hosted by the wonderful Skein Sisters, Deb and Janine.

Susannah of Peppergoose with Deb and Janine of Skein Sisters
Me with Deb and Janine from Skein Sisters

These amazing women have created such a beautiful yarn community and their store is a treasure trove of yarn-spiration, with highly knowledgeable staff! I feel very fortunate to be teaching these workshops in their craft space. Student groups are small, and there are only a few spots left, so be quick!

Sat November 4th: Getting Into Garments Workshop 10am-4.45pm (6 hours with a 45 min break for lunch). For more info and to book via Skein Sisters website, click here.

Sat November 11th: One Sleeve Poncho Beginner Garment Workshop 11.15am-4pm (4 hours with a 45 min break for lunch). For more info and to book via Skein Sisters website, click here.

The future may include online options so location doesn’t restrict access, but for now I can only deliver these lessons as in person workshops with small student groups. Subscribe here if you would like to stay informed and not miss a post!

Happy stitching!

Susannah (Peppergoose)

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