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Light & Lacy Crochet Puff Project!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I started out designing with crochet. That’s probably because…

crochet ribbing and crochet hook

I will be presenting and teaching at the Crochet Guild Australia Crochet Conference in Sydney next month!!! I can’t wait for our crochet community to come together – make sure you come along for a day - or the whole thing! There will be a gazillion different classes – for all levels of crocheters, a yarn market, a gala dinner with fashion show, a cruise – the list goes on and on!! CROCHET FUN GALORE!

The CGA conference runs June 1-3rd in the centre of Sydney and there will be an amazing array of world-class crochet designers and teachers there and I am VERY excited to be one of them! If you are in Sydney early June definitely add it to your to do list – there is something for everyone! SO MANY workshops and you can check them all out and book via this link.

I will be teaching a “Getting Into Garments” workshop – how to approach a garment pattern so your finished project fits you! …and I will be giving a little presentation talking about my journey as a designer – thus all the pondering about how I started out and the things that gave me inspiration. Which brings me to this little blog post!

crochet ribbing and crochet hook

Post treble ribbing was a bit of a revelation for me. My grandmother had only taught the basic set of ss, ch, dc, htr & tr. Way back when I was exploring new stitches beyond this set, I worked some post treble ribbing as a swatching exercise, not expecting to like it but LOVED it! It was pretty much the birth of Peppergoose because I immediately though OMG I should try designing a crochet sweater!!!

The yarns that inspired me back then were the laceweight luxury kind. Expensive tastes – yep! Just so light and delicate! And a little bit goes a LOOOONG way, even further if the project is lacy…. Treble ribbing in a laceweight yarn is like the ultimate for me – it shows her knitting sister what-for with it’s defined yet delicate structural ridges!

Maybe you have never dipped your crochet hook in the laceweight waters, and if so, hopefully this little project I am working on might be a great way to explore!? The key word is little, and the inclusion of the crochet hook gives some context for how small. Small projects are a brilliant way to build skills.

I am working a textured lace to go with the treble ribbing. Puffs galore! I love their squish factor and they pop up in my designs often – particularly in a lace stitch pattern.

crochet lace work in progerss

The other side of the project has some solid fabric to offset the lace. There is a functional purpose to this – you’ll see why on the finished pics in my next blog post. The image below highlights the contrast – it makes me think “just like a crochet-puff sunrise!!” Lol.

crochet mitten WIP and ball of yarn

The yarn I am using here is a 2ply 100% Superwash merino, with 390m per 50gram ball, meaning 7.8metres per gram. There are plenty of laceweight yarns on the market and my pattern is being tested in a few different options and I will post pics of a few tester projects next week, so you’ll be able to see how they worked up!

If you have a ball of laceweight yarn in your stash with a similar number of metres per gram, dig it out! You will only need about 200m to whip this up.

I will publish the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy May 17th!

As always, you’ll be able to find help in my support group Pepper-Gaggle.

Check back next week!

Susannah (Peppergoose)

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