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Playing with Woolly Whirl for a new chill-out crochet pattern.

Updated: May 30, 2021

Woolly Whirl has been on my to-try list for a while. Scheepjes Whirls are super-popular, but I really like the idea of adding a bit of wool in there too for some extra warmth. Woolly Whirl is 70& cotton and 30% wool – thanks to yarn support from Scheepjes, I have these two yarn cakes in my stash and it’s time to start playing! Bubble Lickcious 474 and Sugar Sizzle 472 – wouldn’t they look amazing together?

Well, they would actually - but I want to make something that is a 1 cake project as a time-out from my more complicated designs.

I have been feeling the need for a bit of yarn-zen again. My Spiderlace Bag was was released a couple of weeks ago, and it was a challenge project to make two bags and write the pattern! Now I’d like to design something not too taxing, and if it’s really a one-skein project then we kind of want to avoid swatching. (Yep, you read that right)! An accessory based on a pattern repeat is ideal.

Each Woolly Whirl yarn cake is 1000m long so that is quite enough to make a warming accessory, and let’s face it, the rainbow of long gradient colour can do the aesthetic heavy lifting! There are 9 colours of Woolly Whirl, 54 colours of Whirl and 3 colours of Frosted Whirl – they all have the same metreage and hook size so could all be used for this project.

I know plenty of Scheepjes’ fans have a Whirl or two in their stash, but if not, you can find retailers here, or you might consider purchasing yarn via these two affiliate links

Wool Warehouse (in the UK, ships worldwide including the US)

Caros Atelier (in The Netherlands)

(Local WA people can source their yarn from Perth Scheepjes Retailers

Leanne at Yarns For All

& Anna and Mike at Stitchcraft & Wizardry)

I have chosen to go with the Bubble Lickcious 474!

(I do keep saying I want to use more pink)...

Above is a snippet of how things are progressing. So far, the Woolly Whirl feels great in my hands! It has a bit more puff/loft than Whirl as I work it and of course I still get to enjoy that long-gradient-colour-gratification!!

My pattern repeat motif has a bit of a twist to it - a slightly different way to work an existing stitch for visual effect. Check in next week to see how it’s coming along or subscribe if you don’t want to miss a post!

Bye for now!

Susan (Peppergoose)

This blog contains affiliate links – shopping via these links does not cost you any extra but it means I receive a small part of the sale – thank you for your support!


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