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Rhythm of Life Alpaca Sweater pattern is LIVE!

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

After much hard work behind the scenes, I am super excited to release my Rhythm of Life Sweater today! My pattern is a paid ad-free pdf download available from Peppergoose Designs (Susan Walsh) Ravelry Store, packed with tips and annotated photos to help guide you to make your sweater.

I wanted to share a little background story for this design, and offer up some colour combinations to help you decide the palette for your Rhythm of Life. Some people find choosing colours so difficult, but I love it!

So here is the back story: Way back in 2016 I made my original sweater using 100% Alpaca, combining a number of yarn brands, and sent it to the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) annual Crochet Design Competition. I included a cheeky little open mesh strip at the front in the lightest colour, and gave it the title “Exposita,” as the open mesh strip exposed the top (or bra depending on how brave you might be feeling) underneath.

the original "Exposita"

I thought it was stylish and modern, though a little risqué with the open mesh strip. My design received no love in the design competition (sad face), but I tried again the following year with my Green Garden filet cardigan, which won the Grand Prize and is now Olga cardigan published by Scheepjes in YARN 6 Bookazine, so the lesson is don’t give up, right?

And I didn’t want to give up on this sweater design. Alpaca is one of my favourite fibres to work with as it is so light, fluffy and warm, though pure alpaca can tend to keep “growing” (sag) over time. Through designing in collaboration with Scheepjes, I was happy to discover that their Alpaca Rhythm is an excellent blend of Alpaca and extra fine wool. The wool helps retain more “spring” and elasticity in the finished work - perfect for garments! I decided I would remove the open mesh exposing strip and reinvent the sweater in the vibrant colour range of Alpaca Rhythm.

So, to the colours: each of the 20 colours in the range are named with kinds of rhythm: Disco, Quickstep, Bop, Cha Cha etc. Aren’t they pretty?

screenshot from - what a gorgeous range of colours!

Five colours are used in this pattern, worked double stranded with the colours blending and creating flecked effects. Of course, you could work it in fewer colours, but I love the colour sunset haze effect – don’t you?

Construction of this sweater is a little unconventional, and difficulty level is intermediate to advanced. I truly hope to encourage more hooksters to make garments, so I have included a number of annotated photos in the pattern for guidance, and I have published a series of Crochet Technique tutorials on this blog as extra support for intermediate level crocheters.

The great thing about my construction method for this design is that you can try it on during the assembly stage, and adjust the fit of your garment if necessary! Yay, right? More edging rows can be added (if you feel the need) before your seams join it all together. The sleeves a smidge too short or long? Adjust it in the ribbing rows which are all worked top-down. Easy. If in doubt, order 1-2 more balls of “Yarn A” to give you this extra flexibility. If you end up with leftovers, I am sure you will find a use for this delicious yarn!


I have put together a series of colour combinations to help you choose. The first is the palette (Botany) I used for the sweater sample (in no particular order):


This is the palette (Birdlife) I used to make my own sweater to wear: (pics will come soon)


And here are others I think would look great:






Alpaca Rhythm is available from Scheepjes retailers, including

The nitty-gritty:

Yarn: @Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm (80% Alpaca, 20% extra fine wool; 25g/200m ball)

Sized to fit:

Bust 81-86cm, 91.5-96.5cm, 101.5-106.5cm, 111.5-117cm, 122-127cm, with both a Short Bodice and Long Bodice variation (Short Bodice version in Small size shown).

For the Short Bodice version:

Yarn A 662 Paso x 6 (7: 8: 9: 11) balls

Yarn B 654 Robotic x 2 (2: 2: 3: 3) balls

Yarn C 652 Smooth x 2 (3: 3: 4: 5) balls

Yarn D 667 Jitterbug x 2 (2: 2: 2: 3) balls

Yarn E 670 Bop x 1 (1: 1: 1: 1) ball

For the Long Bodice version:

Yarn A 662 Paso x 7 (8: 9:10: 12) balls

Yarn B 654 Robotic x 2 (2: 2: 3: 3) balls

Yarn C 652 Smooth x 3 (3: 4: 4: 5) balls

Yarn D 667 Jitterbug x 2 (2: 2: 3: 3) balls

Yarn E 670 Bop x 1 (1: 1: 1: 1) ball

Don’t forget to enter my competition on Instagram and Facebook to win a free copy of this pattern! There will be one winner on Facebook and one winner on Instagram, chosen by random draw. Entries close 6pm PST April 18th.

To double your total chances in the prize draw: subscribe to my blog below, and in your “confirm subscription” email to me, include your answer to this question: Which of my suggested colour palettes would you choose to make your sweater?

I can't wait to see your #rhythmoflifesweater photos!

As always, happy stitching!

Susan (Peppergoose)


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