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Self-Striping Crochet Groovy Gauntlets!

Tadah! Very bright, fun colourful fingerless mittens, with the design name of Groovy Gauntlets. They could be a small dose of fun colour therapy on a cold dull day! The concept for this little project is alternating between 2 different colours with tapestry crochet to create some crazy stripes. If you decide to use 2 balls of the same colour, you would still use tapestry crochet to achieve the sizing and fabric characteristics of the intended finished product. Let’s have a looksie at some finished gauntlets….

Hands are really quite difficult to photograph, so I figured I had better hang on to something for a photo.

Groovy Gauntlets made with Scheepjes Downtown 405 Streetlights & 401Sunset

But then you can’t see the thumbs easily, so I took this pic. Even though the stitches are small and carry the yarn not in use, Scheepjes Downtown sock yarn is so soft, it still crinkles and feels cosy and pliable on your hands.

Groovy Gauntlet pattern will be available next week here on my blog and via Ravelry & Etsy

In this next pic you can see a bit more detail of the decorative detail around the fingers opening. I chose to just let the colours flow and ended up with red and pink for final trims. My chosen method of construction allows you to either control this or simply let it happen depending on what suits you.

I talk a little bit about the method of construction in last weeks’ blog – you can read that here, and below I will show you a series of photos of the raw materials next to the finished gauntlets for my project and those of my testers:

My gauntlets were made with 401 Sunset & 405 Streetlights…

Now let’s check out the Tester Rainbow!

It’s amazing to see how the two colours combine. Lisa Marlow used 409 City Shopper & 402 Morning Mist

Fiona Kelly used 416 East Avenue with 417 Lakeside

Ruth Lambert chose 403 Leafy Suburb & 401 Sunset

Annemie Celens went with 403 Leafy Suburb & 406 South Hill. She loved the way the foundation stitches looked so much she decided not to work the trim.

Naomi Boxall whipped her gauntlets up with 415 Tailor’s Row & 407 Park View.

Mum used 415 Tailor’s Row & 410 River Walk.

That’s the end of show and tell for now. Groovy Gauntlets will be published for free here on my blog next week, and a paid version will be available from my pattern stores on Ravelry and Etsy if you would like to support my designs or prefer an ad-free PDF download. I added a preview of Groovy Gauntlets to Ravelry today so pop it in your favourites!

Downtown is available from Scheepjes retailers worldwide, and these two affiliate links*:

Wool Warehouse (in the UK, ships worldwide including the US)

Caros Atelier (in The Netherlands)

Leanne at Yarns For All

& Anna and Mike at Stitchcraft & Wizardry)

are my local Scheepjes Retailers in Perth, Western Australia.

Check back here next week to get your groove on!

Susan (Peppergoose)

*This blog contains affiliate links – shopping via these links does not cost you any extra but it means I receive a small part of the sale – thank you for your support!


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