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Sunburst Scarves on Show!

My new crochet pattern “Sunburst Scarf” is complete, and she is a beauty! The feature sunburst motifs break up the colour nicely and show some contrast for whatever is worn underneath, which is something I really like about this scarf. The sunburst motifs also form the basis of this scalloped edge that can be positioned to ripple and create texture at the ends.

The feel of the Woolly Whirl against the skin is soft and warm which is great as you don’t want anything remotely itchy around the neck. When working with Whirl or Woolly Whirl, Scheepjes has already done the heavy lifting (so to speak) in designing the colour gradient, so I didn’t want to make things overly complicated to compete with that. The project uses 1 yarn cake of Woolly Whirl (or Whirl) and a 3.5mm hook.

Because this is an accessory and specifically has a 1-skein-project kind of vibe, there is …. Wait for it, no swatching!! (Well, sort of – you can check your gauge after 18 rows and take it from there. The reason you want to check if you are close to gauge is to check yarn consumption is about right as the pattern assumes you need 12-13g to work the tapered scalloped edge to avoid losing at yarn chicken).

The Sunburst pattern is a 4-row repeat so hooking this project it is well suited to a TV binge session or social chit-chat occasions. You work in one direction and then work the tapered end, fasten off and re-join at the beginning foundation row then work in the other direction, so before you start, you do need to think about how the colours will play out at the foundation row re-join.

With any Whirl type project, we LOVE to see the colours, right!? Colour choice influences the mood of the project to be bright, happy, decadent, rustic, elegant or whatever, so it’s good to see a few different options.

With that in mind, here are pics of more Sunburst Scarves from some (though not all) of my wonderful testers who I think of as “Team Goose”:

Mothergoose: 1, chicken: zero in Whirl Lavenderlicious 758
Mariana Müller’s mannequin "M" wrapped in the sunniest of sunbursts: Whirl Golden Glow-worm 564
Ruth Lambert looking sharp and super fresh in Woolly Whirl Melting Mint Centre 475

Annemie Celens: Mirror, mirror on the wall, which Woolly Whirl is the most decadent of all? Sugar Sizzle 472!

Fiona Kelly makes me laugh – too cool for school, then tadah!!!! Love these pics – Fiona made her Sunburst Scarf in Whirl Blackcurrant Squeeze Me 773

Lisa Marlow made this Sunburst Scarf in Woolly Whirl Kiwi Drizzle 473. The colour way is rather elegant and refined, which rather suits the sophisticated vibe going on with her mannequin "Jo"!

Naomi Boxall and her mannequin “Legless Lucy” are looking ready for anything in Woolly Whirl Custard Cream Centre 476! Somehow though, I feel the need to put the kettle on for morning tea…. Custard Crème Centre sounds delicious!

My Sunburst Scarf pattern will be available free on my blog next week, and a paid version with stitch chart will be available from my pattern stores on Ravelry and Etsy if you would like to support my designs or prefer an ad-free PDF download. I have uploaded a preview there already and the pattern files will be finalised and uploaded next week in English UK and US terms.

BTW, Little Newsflash……

If you haven’t heard already, my generous and talented pattern testers are helping me to help you with my new Facebook pattern support group: Pepper-Gaggle!

Pepper-Gaggle is for people who are making / about to make one of my patterns and need a bit of assistance. Team Goose are very experienced with my crochet designs so together we can get you back on track, and then maybe you will be able to guide someone else in the future. The focus is helping each other and learning a bit along the way, with a fabulous array of your finished projects!

Scheepjes retailers worldwide can be found here or you might choose to shop via these 2 affiliate* links.

Wool Warehouse (in the UK, ships worldwide including the US)

Caros Atelier (in The Netherlands)

Leanne at Yarns For All

& Anna and Mike at Stitchcraft & Wizardry)

are my local Perth Scheepjes Retailers

Check back next week for the pattern release!

Susan (Peppergoose)

*This blog contains affiliate links – shopping via these links does not cost you any extra but it means I receive a small part of the sale – thank you for your support!

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Jun 03, 2021

This Scarf looks great in any colour! Naomi Boxall is super in Custard Creme. However, I have the original colour that Susan started with and cannot wait to get going!! Caroline, the Crocheter.

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