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Crochet-A-Long Pattern Name, Tester Update and More Pre-Sales Benefits!!

Big news!! With my sweater Crochet-A-Long only 2 months away and I am super excited to share some exciting developments! Quick recap if you missed my earlier posts:

I am running a CAL to make this sweater and it will run for 5 weeks starting April 13th, with the prep info and swatching instructions released via Ravelry 2 weeks earlier on March 30th. It will be hosted in my private Facebook pattern support group Pepper-Gaggle and is suited to intermediate crocheter, but adventurous beginners are also welcome and will be catered for with lots of video demonstration support!

a woman modelling a the Evolving Aveline crochet sweater

Thank you to Morris & Sons for yarn support to develop this Size 5 prototype! Yarn used is Rowan Felted Tweed dk in French Mustard and Black.

The pattern is graded to 13 sizes, producing a finished garment bust circumference range from 80cm through to 150cm. I purposefully kept the stitches used and the complexity of the mosaic pattern to an achievable level so intermediate level crocheters and adventurous beginners may feel comfortable to tackle a garment! This blog post shows a video showing all the features I included in the design and why.

To receive heavily discounted pattern pricing (AUD $8.00 instead of AUD $12.50) and benefit from earlier release of the prep and swatching info, submit your details using this form:

(Form is valid from now until end March 12th 2024)!

Okay, crochet recap done! What are these exciting new developments?

I have landed on a name for my Sweater Pattern (yay), I have WIP pics to show you of Model X trying on my Size 13, AND... thanks to the generosity of a few Australian yarn producers and retailers, I now have an additional perk for those who register for Pre-Sale in the form of discounted yarn from select retailers*!!!

Yes, you read that correctly! Some amazing Australian yarn industry leaders are helping to support my CAL event and support your CAL projects too!

First up though, the name....

the Evolving Aveline Sweater Crochet A Long prototype hanging on a wall

The Evolving Aveline Sweater (CAL)

Why "Evolving"? Well, its partly about my long time obsession with V-necks that I blogged about here, but mainly it's related to how I shaped the neck and shoulders of the sweater.

In science, "evolve" describes the descent of a species over time resulting from environmental factors or mechanisms of probability acting upon a population. Now in the place of "species", think "sizes".

With my "Evolve" technique, 4 different sets of beginning stitch counts at the back neck differentiate over the neckline rows and upper bodice rounds to produce 13 different sizes - much like a family tree describing the descent of various species differentiating from a common ancestor. The garment may be further customised dependent upon environmental conditions/requirements (such as making adjustments to things like arm circumference and torso length and shaping) on the fly. Yes, in case you didn't pick up on it before now, I am a geek at heart...

So it's "Evolving" because beginning with contoured shoulders, the sizes differentiate from a common start point and you can adapt the sweater to your body during the project!

Why "Aveline"? Well, the shoulders this sweater is designed to conform to is the female variety so a woman's name would be good. How female and male shoulders differ from a grading perspective is something I think I will talk about in a future blog rather than get into it today. This Evolve technique is something I will definitely use again, making this sweater the first of an "Evolving" series.

According to a bit of a google dive, Aveline is the French form of the English Evelyn, originally from the latin Avis meaning "bird". Hmmm, now we're talking...! Something roughly aligned to "first female", beginning with the letter A and the Peppergoose in me is bonding with the avian angle.

All these loosely connected dots felt right to me, so Evolving Aveline it is!

Crochet Tester Update for the Size 13 sample for "Model X"

My Size 13 sample Evolving Aveline Sweater uses Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5ply yarn, kindly supplied by Bendigo Woollen Mills. I love how the colours are playing against each other, the Classic 5ply is literally an Australian classic. My grandmother used to crochet with this and the blankets she made for me have lasted a lifetime!

The yarn has a crepe (woven) structure rather than a one directional twist, making it super sturdy! It's 100% machine washable merino wool which also has amazing bouncy drape.

I am making this sample for Model X and may make some custom fit changes as I go. The top-down method of construction makes this easy. To begin with here it is on me.

a woman modelling a the Evolving Aveline crochet sweater
a woman modelling a the Evolving Aveline crochet sweater

I made a short (less than 2min) video wearing the neckline and initial upper bodice rounds of this sample, talking about the shoulders and how the sizes differentiate.

And here are some progress pics on "Model X" (so named because she prefers to remain faceless and anonymous).... Super happy with how things are shaping up!

a woman modelling a the Evolving Aveline crochet sweater

Size 13 provides approximately 8-10cm of positive ease around Model X's bust, so Model X could equally choose the next size down (10cm smaller) for a fitted garment or 2 sizes down for a form fitting bust hugging bodice. It's all down to personal preference.

At this stage, the fabric around the sleeves and underarm are sitting more loose than they will at the end.

a woman modelling a the Evolving Aveline crochet sweater

When the sleeves are added, it cinches in the fabric around the underarm region and creates a tapered sleeve. I am looking forward to showing you the finished pics at the end of the test!

My other testers are using a few different yarns and you'll start seeing their projects on Ravelry and on socials over the nest few weeks. At the end I will show off all the test projects in a blog too. I love doing this because it explores different yarns and colour combinations which serve as inspiration to others!

Discounted yarn!???

Sooooo good, right!? I am so very proud to be collaborating with Morris & Sons, Bendigo Woollen Mills and Skein Sisters for my Evolving Aveline Sweater CAL! So exciting! I love to support choice for makers and also to promote some local Australian businesses who in turn are supporting my crochet designs. We can all achieve more together, right!?

The amazing news is that come March 13th, Pre-Sale registrants will not only be emailed a Peppergoose discount code to buy the Evolving Aveline Sweater pattern at AUD $8.00 instead of AUD $12.50...

......the same email will also include retailer discount vouchers from Bendigo Woollen Mills, Morris & Sons AND Skein Sisters, so you may purchase your Evolving Aveline Sweater yarn at a discounted price!

To receive a discounted pattern price from Pepeprgoose Design AND discounted project yarn from these select retailers* you need to register for my CAL using this link:

(Form is valid from now until end March 12th 2024)!

Because Pre-Sales registrants will get their yardage info early, international participants will still have the shipping time to source yarn using these codes if they choose to shop with these retailers. Yep, thinking ahead! And if you are outside of Australia you have the added bonus that the exchange rates are probably in your favour...

Transparency is imperative though - if you shop via these retailers using the codes provided, you receive a discount on your yarn purchase (yay!) and I receive a small commission too (many thanks!)

That's my update all wrapped up. More soon...

Subscribe here if you don’t want to miss a blog post, and if you are feeling it you can browse my Ravelry pattern catalogue here! If you are popping over to Ravelry to have a closer look at the Evolving Aveline Sweater listing please be sure to CLICK THE HEART BUTTON ON RAVELRY TO POP IT IN YOUR FAVOURITES!  This really helps to improve the visibility of my pattern listing which means I can help more crocheters who want to make garments. 

Thanks so much!


Susannah (Peppergoose)

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