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New cotton adventure!

I am a sucker for minty freshness when it comes to colours and this Cahlista set is gorgeous! Scheepjes Cahlista is 100% un-mercerised aran-weight cotton that has been double gassed (passed twice over a naked flame to singe away any wayward fibres to produce a very smooth yarn). The 50g balls come in 109 colours (so good luck choosing your favourite, and I won’t chart the whole range like I have on previous posts for other yarns - many of the colours match and have the same shade numbers as the lighter-weight Catona and Maxi, so if you have a favourite colour in those ranges, you can find it in Cahlista too).

These babies are crying out to be made into something useful and for the first time the pattern I will publish will be a knitting pattern…. Eeek! What’s this now? Doesn’t Peppergoose equal crochet?

Since I am suffering from what is now a chronic injury to my left hand (which holds my yarn when crocheting) I cannot crochet for a while. I have tendon issues in my tensioning finger and it’s all very frustrating… but I can knit because I knit English style with the yarn in my right hand. Yay! Even better, knitting actually helps rehabilitate my injury – so it’s a brand-new day for Peppergoose. Knit ON!

My mum taught me to knit when I was 15 and I made the front bodice of a sweater and then stopped. My mother in-law taught me again how to knit when I was around 30 and I made a baby hat for a friend, a simple vest, a poncho and a scarf and then I stopped. Not sure why exactly, I still LOVE drooling over complex knitting patterns and knitted texture has inspired a few of my crochet garments, but crochet took over my life from my mid to late 30s until now, I am… picking up the twin-tool-set again.

Cahlista in 385 Crystalline & 391 Deep Ocean, with Skies Heavy in 109 Undyed

At this point my knitting skills are relatively simple so the pattern will not be super difficult. It will only use maybe 2 balls of Scheepjes Cahlista as well so it’s not going to take forever to make, but I have 3 of each colourway here just in case. It’s a bite sized project to dip the toes in knitting waters! And because Cahlista AND Skies Heavy are both 100% cotton and 170m/100grams, you could alternatively use a single skein of Skies Heavy instead.

I will give you a hot tip though: I am fond of a geometric stitch pattern…. You can see a snippet of my initial swatch here in this pic (Cahlista 387 Dark Olive) which shows a hint of texture.

If you want to see how things are coming along check back next week!

Happy browsing in the meantime – you can check Scheepjes retailers worldwide for Cahlista supplies and colour range, or browse by these affiliate links: Caros Atelier (in the Netherlands)

Wool Warehouse (in the UK; ships worldwide)

& if you are in Perth, Leanne at Yarns For All has a good Scheepjes range.

Bye for now!

Susan (Peppergoose)


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