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The Spiderlace Bag

I am really thrilled with how my Spiderlace Bags turned out and I hope you love them too! One in Maxi Sugar Rush and one in Catona. If you missed my previous blog where I talked a bit about the inspiration for this bag design, you can find it here. Today’s post is to share all the deets about my Spiderlace Bag in preparation for pattern release next week.

What I love about making handbags is that they are both functional fashion and are independent of body size. You can take them out in the world and when everyone asks you where you got your bag, you can feel that flutter of pride when you tell them you made it yourself!

The same pattern is worked in either Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush or Catona to produce the different finished sizes. They are both pretty challenging – the Catona is easier to see what you are doing making stitch recognition easier, but I found it a bit harder on my hands than making this project in the Maxi.

It must be noted that this is a multi-crafting design. Because the Spiderlace feature on the front of the bag has open space, it does require the hand sewing of some fabric to the back of the lace panel at a bare minimum. For the two samples you see here, they have both fabric lining at the back of the lace panel and a simple lining of the inside of the bag along with beading to embellish the lace and the tassels. I have included quite a few notes and some up-close WIP photos to help you with these details.

…And this is how my PDF evolved into a 23-page document! All that sewing info is in addition to the actual crochet pattern which includes a schematic, extensive notes on the overview of construction, WIP photos, multiple stitch charts and full written instructions. The pattern release will first be in English, and a Dutch translation will follow soon!

Let’s get into some features of the pattern and the design…

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This is definitely not a pattern for beginners. The Spiderlace Panel is the hardest section and will take some no-one-talk-to-me concentration! It can even be quite useful to practice the first few rows of the lace with some extra yarn before you start this section of the design.

What will you need?

The fabric allowance is only for a simple interior lining. If you know your way around a sewing machine you can make a complex inner lining to include zips and pockets if you so choose, but this will definitely require more fabric and a zip or fasteners.

Sourcing the Yarn:

You can click through these affiliate links below to Wool Warehouse and all Scheepjes retailers worldwide can be found here.

Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush (100% mercerised cotton, 50g/280m) comes in 87 colours.

And Scheepjes Catona (100% mercerised cotton, 50g/125m) comes in 109 colours.

(Shopping via these links does not cost you any extra, and it helps to support me as a designer as I receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for your consideration!

Perth locals can easily source Scheepjes products from Yarns For All and Stitchcraft and Wizardry - its great to support local family business!

What are the Finished Measurements?

This schematic will give you a good idea of size. Handle length is easily adjusted to your preferred length, but the set length described by the pattern is shown below with both “just-finished’ Spiderlace Bags hanging from the same shoulder of one of my Veronica mannequins. I say “just-finished” because cotton WILL stretch when under chronic tension, so the bag handle will grow a bit (approx. 10% in my experience) longer with use.

Spiderlace Bags: Maxi Sugar Rush Ginger Gold 383 (small) and Catona Champagne 248 (large)

Bear the potential for “growth” of the bag handle in mind if you adjust your handle length – I would shorten if anything. The Catona version can already function as a cross-body bag as written as you can see below!

What about the back?

The back has a pocket that is crocheted on. Yep, crocheted. It’s optional of course – maybe you like pockets to be on the inside. This photo below shows the pocket, and you can really tell what time I finished my bag yesterday and grabbed some pics because it’s there on my phone! I tacked the centre top of my pocket down to kind of divide the pocket into 2 sections as the pocket in the Catona version is quite a bit larger than my phone.

Not fussed with the pocket? Or the tassels? Easy to make without them!

Pattern Release:

I uploaded a preview set of photos of my Spiderlace Bag to Ravelry today so go ahead and pop it you’re your favourites.

The Pattern PDF will be available in English from both Ravelry and Etsy next week on May 12th. Dutch translation will follow as it becomes available.

Before I go….. Fancy winning a free pattern?

Starting tomorrow and finishing May 11th:

I will be running a PRIZE DRAW GIVEAWAY!!

One person on Facebook and one person on Instagram can WIN THIS PATTERN FOR FREE, so be sure to CHECK OUT MY SOCIALS FOR HOW TO ENTER TOMORROW when this kicks off!

Spiderlace Bag in Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush Ginger Gold 383

Okay, so I think that’s it. Yay!! All the bases are covered.

Happy planning and bye for now…

Susan (Peppergoose)

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Susan Richards
Susan Richards
May 04, 2021

It's so beautiful. I love how your spiders look more like flowers.

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