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The Allspice Beanie

Updated: May 2, 2021

Here are some pics of my Allspice Beanie made with Scheepjes Chunky Monkey! Didn’t see these colours coming huh!? I wrote the pattern to suit all kinds of people from toddlers to adults so I figured the #allspicebeanie would be a good name. Testing is finished (this new and unexpected colour is a pattern test) and I am putting the final touches on my pattern.

You will be able to find the pattern for free here on my blog soon, and if you would like to support my work as a designer I will also have ad-free PDF downloads available for a small fee through my Peppergoose Design Pattern Stores on Ravelry and Etsy. But that is all next week! This week is more about showing you the finished squishy hat – err, hats.

I have written the pattern for 3 Adult sizes for head circumferences ranging from 56-61cm (mine is 58cm), a Teen size of head circumference 53.5cm, a Child of 48cm, a Toddler of 45.5cm and Baby of 40.5cm. I factored in approx. 2.5cm (1in) of negative ease for each size, and I think up to approx. 4cm (approx. 1.6in) of negative ease is quite comfortable.

Mothergoose (hi mum!) tested my Allspice Beanie design by knitting an Adult Medium in Chunky Monkey Heather 1724 and Dark Grey 2018, which is for ME! Yay. (Thanks mum! XX). These pics demonstrate the degree of slouch and the degree of negative ease (approximately 2.5cm/1in of negative ease) that is intended by my sizing decisions.

It's a relatively straight forward hat with a small feature of an extended peak of ribbing at the front, and the spiral detail made by the decreases at the peak.

Adult Medium in Chunky Monkey Heather 1724 and Dark Grey 2018,

Now I am a bit short on models this week, so I am also modelling the Teen size that I made for my sister (she is older than me but smaller - her head circumference is closer to a teen at 54.5cm). My sister has no desire to appear in any photos, ever – so here I am instead wearing a hat that is a bit too small for me so you can see it. I used Chunky Monkey in Mulberry 2009 and Cerise 1061 and these pics demonstrate approx. 7.5cm (3in) of negative ease.

Teen Size in Chunky Monkey in Mulberry 2009 and Cerise 1061

The slouch factor is minimal as I am wearing 2 sizes too small for me, though it strikes me that this “firm fit” might suit those who are more of a skullcap no fuss kind of person, and if you don’t want the slouch at all then just omit a few straight rounds in the middle to make the hat shorter. Easy to do. My husband is one of those skullcap-preferring people but no, he did not want to model anything either – his head is bigger than mine and hot pink is not his vibe!!

Continuing on with my timing being off to find suitable and willing models, you will just have to imagine a parent and baby wearing this matching set – it would be really cute!

Toddler and Teen Size in Chunky Monkey in Mulberry 2009 and Cerise 1061

I really enjoyed liked how the Chunky Monkey felt in my hands, it’s really soft and cuddly with great stitch definition. Very warm too! You do have to be careful not to split the yarn with the knitting needle tips but that's no biggie and I think this is less of a problem working with the indicated firm tension used in the pattern (16 sts x 20 rows of stocking stitch to 10cmx10cm).

If your tension is looser than mine it will definitely affect the size of your finished beanie. Chunky Monkey is 100% acrylic (designed to be non-pilling whoo-hoo) and does not change gauge with blocking. Swatching is always a good idea and I will include enough yardage in the pattern to check your gauge before starting as this is ideal, but I know people will be keen to just make the beanie straight up given it’s a small project.

If your natural knitting action simply won't match the gauge of the pattern and/or is inherently looser than mine, then consider making 1 size smaller than what my sizing classification would indicate. Chunky stitches over a small project means that gauge has a significant effect on the finished size.

You can source Chunkey Monkey from Scheepjes retailers worldwide, and via these affiliates if the mood takes you*:

Wool Warehouse (in the UK - ships worldwide)

Caros Atelier (The Netherlands)

Check back next week for the pattern if you are keen!

See you then,

Susan (Peppergoose)

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase yarn through these links I receive a small percentage of the sale but it does not cost you any extra.

** Yarn support provided by Scheepjes


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